Research Summary
The importance of this research is that it is the result of what the Facultystudies calls at the present time, which is to increase the positive and effective communication between the student and the educational life in all its aspects, which comes from encouraging the students to use their abilities and their means and skills to learn better, and to be given the opportunity to organize their ideas and the aim of this research is to find out the impact of the communication strategy on the achievement of fourth grade students in the field of measurement and evaluation. In order to achieve this, the researcher used experimental design with partial control, which consists of two groups, one experimental and the other control. The random researcher chose the University of Qadisiya, Faculty of Education, Department of History, as a place to conduct the experiment. The sample (experimental and control) was 84 students, 41 students And the officer (43) students. In a random way, group B was chosen for a pilot group to study the communication strategy, and the control group was taught in the usual way. In addition to the objective of the research, the researcher prepared a multivariate selection test. The validity of the test and its stability, as well as the statistical analysis of its vertebrates, were verified. The results showed that the t-test was superior to the experimental group studied according to the communication strategy on the control group, which was studied in the normal manner. In light of the research results, the researcher recommended using the communication strategy. The researcher also presented a set of recommendations and suggestions. like making similar studies like making similar studies Other study stages. The use of communication strategy in other variables, such as critical thinking, creative thinking, visual thinking and visual perception

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