Effectiveness of Educational Units in the Development of Analytical Thinking

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ابتسام صاحب موسى الزويني
24/04/2019 19:27:19

The objective of this research was to define the effectiveness of educational units in the development of analytical thinking. The study was conducted in Iraq, Babylon Governorate. An experimental design was adopted with partial control of two groups. The research community was the third-grade students from the Department of Arabic language at the Faculty of Basic Education, Babylon University. A sample of (62) female student was divided into one experimental and one control group. The sample students were equalized using appropriate statistical means for research procedures (arithmetic mean, standard deviation and the Independent t-test). Four variables were used (age, intelligence, father s academic achievement, and mother s academic achievement). A standardized tool was used to measure the effectiveness of the General Teaching Methods subject to the students in the two research groups, this tool is a post-test. The results of this study showed that there are statistically significant differences between the average mean of experimental and control students’ scores at (0.05). Thus, the units of the general teaching methods contributed to raising the level of students achievement, and it was indicated that the effectiveness of the proposed educational units for general teaching methods subject through the use of cognitive maps.

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