Effect of the Strategy of Hearing-Triangle in the Reading Understanding for the Elementary Education s Pupils

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ابتسام صاحب موسى الزويني
24/04/2019 19:22:45

The research aimed to identifying the effect of the strategy of hearing-triangle in the reading understanding for the elementary education s pupils, the researcher intended the experimental method as a methodically for the procedures of research that included an independent variable (strategy of hearing-triangle, ordinary method), a dependent variable ( reading understanding), she relied on the experimental design of partial discipline to control the research s variables, before starting the executing the experiment, the researcher equalized between the two groups of research in order to have accurate and subjective results by the following variables ( age by months, education of parents, first semester degrees in Arabic material), after executing the equivalent between the two groups of the research, the researcher started preparing the application requirements such as plans, goals and test for the two groups then after finishing the application of the experiment , the researcher commenced to apply research tools for the two groups of research, after checking the answers of pupils, she got the data of the controlling and experimental groups, these results were dealt with statistically by (t-test) for two independent samples have results, the experimental group which was learnt by the strategy of hearing-triangle went better than controlling groups which studied according to the ordinary method.

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