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Immunology of E. coli Persistant pyuria

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 بهاء حمدي حكيم العميدي
23/03/2015 22:20:40
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Immunology of E. coli Persistant pyuria
Ibrahim M.S. Shnawa* And **Baha H.H. Al Amidi
*Babylon University , College of Science Biology Department Hilla P.O. box. 4 Iraq
Fourty Persistent Pyuria Patients were diagnosed as E. coli persistant pyuria . Of which 33 were
Immune (In a sense of mounting normal adapted immune response) and seven were
immunocompromised (In a sense of mounting subnormal adapted immune response .The female / Male
ratio was 13/27 . The patients age range was 30-70 years .The median total serum protein was 7.274
g/dl . Likewise the median serum total globulin was 4.302 g/dl . while the median of systemic to the
median of mucosal globulin ratio was 0.69 . These scores were generally higher than those of normal
control subjects . The median immunoglobulin class concentrations were 2.339, 0.195 and 0.309 g/dl to
classes IgG , IgM and IgA respectively .
E. coli immunodominant epitopes were intiating specific circulating and mucosal agglutinin as well as
significant leucocytes inhibition factors in immune patients and nonsignificant in
immunocompromized .
Thus, E. coli epitopes could be of T dependent type and activate either or both Th1 and Th2
lymphocyte, or it might be of T independent epitope type .

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