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The immune functions and immune profiles of human bacterial persistent

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 بهاء حمدي حكيم العميدي
23/03/2015 22:05:20
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The immune functions and immune profiles of human bacterial
persistent pyuria
Ibrahim. M.S. Shnawa Baha. H. H. Al- Amedi
Babylon University, college of science Department of Biology Hula.
Babylon University, Dentistry College. Basic Science
One hundred twenty five uropathy patients were with clinically proven persistent pyuria (PP). Bacterial
culture studies for their clean catch midstream urine samples showed that they were of bacterial causes
(BPP). Mucosal and serum globulin concentrations, specific agglutinins and mucosal as well as
peripheral leucocytes inhibition index were made to these patients. Results of these immunologic
investigations have shown, that the associated bacterial uropathogens (ABUs) were of both gram
negative and gram positive types. These ABUs may have one or more than one of the antigenic
epitopes. The patient immune responses were dependent on the nature of the immunodominant epitope
of the antigen. Thus antibody responses may be scored alone or antibody and cell mediated responses
can be scored among these patients. Immunocompromy, no matter of its origin reduce the outcome of
the immune function . Five immunoprofiles were deduced as;
Profile I: The infection stimulate mucosal

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