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Immunology of Staphylococcal Human Persistent Pyuria

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 بهاء حمدي حكيم العميدي
15/03/2015 10:37:59
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Immunology of Staphylococcal Human Persistent Pyuria
Ibrahim M.S.Shnawa and Baha,H .Al- amedi*
Dept. of Biology College of Science Babylon University. Hilla p.o box 4 IRAQ

Fifteen Staphylococcus aureus isolates from human with persistent pyuria were diagnosed .Patient
had high total serum protein (7.178 g/dl) , high serum (4.081 g/dl) and mucosal globulins concentration
(0.072 g/dl] and lowered serum albumin globulin ratio (56.68%) in comparison to normal subjects.
These patients were with significant anti S . aureus specific agglutinins both at serum and mucosal
secretions . Their peripheral and mucosal leucocyte migration inhibition (LIF) were significant (peripheral
0.5, mucosal 0.58) .Non significant anti S. aureus agglutinins and LIF were noted in blood and secretion
of five immunecompromized, these five cases were showing low grade (specific antibody titre 40, LIF,
peripheral 0.8, mucosal 0.75) immune responses due an immunocompromy. The involved
immunodominant epitopes in these immune responses may be T dependent types that can activate either or
both Th1,Th2 . For humoral arm direct B cell epitope maybe expected also .

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