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Effects of Levofloxacin on Male Reproductive System Parameters and Sperm DNA Normality in Rats

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 داليا عبدالزهرة محسن الصراي
24/02/2019 08:26:01
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Although fluoroquinolones are excessively prescribed in the therapy of genital tract infections, it can be associated with fertility problems
and insufficient information concerning their effect on fertility are present. The goal of this study is to estimate the effects of levofloxacin on
certain sperm function parameters (even on reproductive tissues) and to investigate whether levofloxacin can affect sperm DNA integrity or
chromatin quality. Forty eight male adult were enrolled in this study. The animals were randomly divided into 6 groups; four levofloxacin
treated groups which were treated with a dose of either (37.5 mg/kg/day) or (75 mg/kg/day) of levofloxacin and two control groups, for each
treatment dose the treatment continue for either 14 days or 28 days. Certain epididymal sperm function parameters: sperm concentration,
sperm motility and morphologically normal sperm percentage were analyzed. In addition to analysis of sperm DNA integrity and chromatin
quality, histopathology of testes, epididymus and serum testosterone concentration. Sperm function parameters were not significantly affected
when levofloxacin was administered for 14 days. While a significant reduction in sperm concentration, percentage of morphologically normal
sperm and sperm motility were observed when the drug was administered for 28 days. A significant increase in the level of DNA
fragmentation with a significant reduction in chromatin quality were also observed in levofloxacin treated groups. The testes of rat treated
with levofloxacin showed changes in the number of spermatozoa in some seminiferous and epididymal tubules when the drug was applied in
high doses and for 28 days. Serum testosterone concentration was not significantly affected by levofloxacin administration. These results
indicate that levofloxacin could adversely affect fertility potential in male.
Keywords: Fertility, Levofloxacin, Male, Sperm DNA.

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