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Association of TGF –beta1 gene polymorphism with chronic periodontitis

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 بهاء حمدي حكيم العميدي
02/01/2019 20:34:36
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Association of TGF –beta1 gene polymorphism with chronic periodontitis.
Mustafa M Hassan*, Baha H Alamid **, Zainab M Hameed ***,Haydar O Hashim. ****
*Researcher ,Department of Microbiology ,Faculty of Dentistry ,University of Babylon ,Iraq.(
** Assistant Professor ,Department of Microbiology ,Faculty of Dentistry ,University of Babylon ,Iraq.(
*** Assistant Professor ,Department of periodontics ,Faculty of Dentistry ,University of Babylon ,Iraq.(
****Assistant Professor ,Department of Microbiology ,Faculty of pharmacy ,University of Babylon ,Iraq.(
Back ground: TGF-?1 is present during both early and late stages of periodontitis,among individuals the TGF-?1 varies from person to person depending on TGF-?1 gene polymorphisms.Aim of study: is to association of TGF-?1gene polymorphism with chronic periodontitis by sequencing technique. Material and Method: A total of 75 sample, 50 patient of chronic periodontitis (cp) and 25 normal subject, referring to the clinic of collage of Dentistry, University of Babylon, Hilla City, Iraq. direct sequencing of 786pb of exon1 Result: The results of sequencing showed five (SNPs)two are known SNPs rs1800470..A260 and rs11466316..G675A and three a three of them are novel g.14112183C.T..C301T, g.14112467G.C..G585C,g.14112568G.T..G686T. the statistical analysis reveal that there is a significant association between rs1800470 polymorphism with chronic periodontitis while the other polymorphisms did not record a significant association. Conclusion: The present study suggest that there is significan t between TGF-?1 gene (rs1800470..A260)polymorphism and chronic periodontitis.
Key world: periodontal disease, TGF-?1, Chronic periodontitis,

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