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Accuracy of Three Dimensional CT Craniofacial Measurements Using Mimics and InVesalius Software Programs

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 حيدر علي حسن سلمان الشمري
25/06/2018 20:00:05
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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the dimensional accuracy of the linear and angular
craniofacial measurements obtained from three dimensional computed tomography (3D CT) images using Mimics
V17.0 and InVesalius 3.0 software programs. CT images were taken from archive of Hospital University Sains
Malaysia (HUSM) for ten Malaysian patients. The resultant two dimensional (2D) images were stored in Digital
Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format. The segmentation of the images was prepared in
Mimics V17.0 and InVesalius 3.0 softwares. Linear and angular measurements were based on craniometric
anatomical landmarks pre-defined by the authors and were identified by radiologist. Ten linear and three angular
measurements were repeatedly made between identified landmarks on each of the selected ten patients. Each of
the linear and angular measurements was repeated 3 times and the average was taken to determine the absolute
difference and percent difference between Mimics V17.0 and InVesalius 3.0 softwares. The results demonstrated
no statistically significant difference in all linear and angular measurements (P>0.05) performed by two different
imaging software programs and obtained from 3D CT images. Mimics and InVesalius craniofacial measurements
have the same values.

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