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Three Dimensional Computed Tomography Morphometric Analysis of the Orbit in Iraqi Population

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 حيدر علي حسن سلمان الشمري
25/06/2018 11:01:43
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Objectives: This study aims to introduce reference data and to provide guidance for maxillofacial, reconstructive and plastic
surgeons managing Iraqi subjects. The three-dimensional Computed Tomography (3DCT) reconstruction technique serves as a
practical tool in pre-operative diagnosis, surgical treatment planning, and outcome prediction.
Methods: 3DCT reconstruction technique was used for description eight anatomical linear parameters and orbital foramen
area of the orbital morphologic features of the Iraqi populations. Seventy-one Iraqi subjects (49 males and 22 females) with an
age range of 1 - 70 years were taken and selected randomly from patients who had undergone craniofacial CT scans in Hila hospital
to diagnose conditions other than craniofacial or orbital deformations. The CT images were stored in Digital Imaging and
Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format. The images were processed using Mimics V17.0 software. All measurements
were based on craniometric anatomical landmarks pre-defined by the authors and were identified by radiologist. A single calibrated
did all the measurements.
Results: Comparisons between the two orbits and between the two genders were considered. The method of measurement
showed high reproducibility of results. No difference between the two orbits was found. There were significant differences
between men and women in all anatomic parameters.
Conclusions: The morphometry of the orbital parameters could be gained from a 3D reconstruction method. All anatomical
parameters concluded that the two orbits were symmetrical. Orbital size was significantly smaller in women than in men. The
findings of the present study allow for quantification of the orbital features of Iraqi subjects and provide parameters for preoperative
planning and prediction of postoperative outcome.

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