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Study of IgA Concentration in Gingivitis Patients

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 بهاء حمدي حكيم العميدي
13/05/2017 16:03:02
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Study of IgA Concentration in Gingivitis Patients

Baha Hamdi Hakim Al-Amiedi
College of Dentistry, University of Babylon, Hilla, IRAQ


Accepted 3 October, 2016
Fifty gingivitis patients were diagnosed by dentist and ten normal subjects were elected as controls. Gingivitis
patients and controls were investigated for serum and salivary IgA determinations. In which, blood and salivary samples were collected from both of patients and controls. Sera, saliva and salivary proteins in five microliter amounts per each of which were applied into low and high level anti IgA partigens. The patients sera have shown elevated IgA concentration means which approximate one fold increase than that of controls. Male and female patients were of comparable serum IgA concentration levels. Individual variation plot were found of multipeak type. The age group 30– 34 and 35 – 39 years were showing optimum concentration means . Saliva and salivary concentration means were showing nullified IgA concentrations in both patients and controls. IgA may interacts with are oral available antigens (microbial ) and fix complement thus forming complex giving nullified IgA concentrations.

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