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 محمد علي حسن الانباري
25/07/2020 13:20:37
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This research aims to evaluate six of Baghdad Industrial firms in different sectors in Baghdad due to ISO 14031 Standard in order to know the effects of factories on the environment, create a database for comparison with certain time periods, continuous improvement of environmental performance, and increasing environmental awareness. Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE) includes two types of indicators, Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs) and Environmental Conditions Indicators (ECIs). The research focus on (EPIs) which includes two types of indicators, Management Performance Indicators (MPIs) and Operation Performance Indicators (OPIs). (MPIs) includes performance and infrastructure Indicators and Training Indicators, and (OPIs) include Industrial and occupational safety indicators and an environmental control indicators. In this research, a questioner list with a five Likert Scale level was suggested. The questionnaire lists were answered by employees specializing in environmental aspects in the Middle Refineries Company, South Baghdad thermal power station, General Company for Textile and Leather, Battery Factory, General Company for Food Products, and The Cotton Factory. The data of questionnaire lists were converted to information by statistical equations, SPSS program used to calculate ANOVA table to compare averages of differences between indicators that have been subjected to different treatments in order to arrive at the indicator that makes average is different from other averages

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  • ISO14031, Environmental performance evaluation, (EPE), Likert Scale, ANOVA Table