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 عبد الكريم عبد الرزاق جواد كاظم
12/12/2019 08:13:49
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The objective of this paper is to focus on the studies in field of automobile suspension system control strategies and the methods that were used to evaluate the optimal values for the suspension system parameters such as spring stiffness, damper damping coefficient, tire stiffness, tire damping coefficient. There are many types of controllers to improve the vibration control of automobile suspension system when undergoes to external excitation from road profile, such as proportional-integral- derivative (PID), linear quadratic regulation (LQR), H infinity , robust control and Fuzzy controller. And there are three methods of suspension system strategies; passive system, active system and semi –active system. The semi active control included; magneto rheological damper and electro rheological damper, in this case; the effective area in which the oil damping flowing through was varied according to road disturbance. This study concluded that using PID, LQR, H infinity and Fuzzy controller which had been improved the performance of suspension system strongly, especially, the improvement in the time of steady state response whereas by using of PID and Fuzzy controllers led to decrease the time of steady state response and reduced the maximum overshoot.
It can be concluded that using Simulink program to solve the equation of motion of quarter automobile suspension system is very important due to complexity of solving by traditional methods which used to solve these cases.

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  • Suspension system control strategy, Steady state response, Maximum overshoot, Ride comfort, Road handling, Magneto rheological damper