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Using Abstraction Methods to Improve String Matching Algorithms

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 رائد نصر كاظم العبيدي
07/10/2018 20:02:42
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Enhancing or upgrading existing algorithms needs big efforts to implement the existing one and after the problem or the limitation in these algorithms. As such, we need in order to enhance or upgrade this algorithm or its step to be efficient. Many updating revised algorithms for string matching have been made in many areas. All the work relies on how to enhance the time matching to be efficient. This work introduces a useful tool to enhance the existing Boyer-Moore algorithm. On the other hand, we have designed two new algorithms for string matching called RAM1 & RAM2 and developed the existing one called "enhance_BMA". The new algorithm depends on abstraction string method in Java s tool, which helps to find great results even in the worst case of matching. Finally, most of the Object-Oriented programming concepts have been achieved in this work. We propose in this paper a new algorithm using Java tool which we called it RAM1 & RAM2. The existing Boyer-Moore has problems when the pattern length is long. This leads to increase the time complexity which causes unstable for this algorithm. On the other hand, we enhance the Boyer-Moore Algorithm (BMA) for a larger given pattern in the text by using abstraction methods.

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