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Evaluation the Reliability and MTTF for Non – Maintained Standby Systems

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 زاهر عبد الهادي حسن الشنون
5/23/2011 8:12:08 PM
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Evaluation the Reliability and MTTF for Non – Maintained Standby Systems
In this paper the developing of the Reliability function R(t) and the expected time to system failure is presented for a non – maintained standby systems with considering a non – Markovain processes and indicate some cases where they can be reduced to simple Markov processes.
في هذا البحث تم دراسة وإيجاد دالة الوثوقية (المعوّلية) للأنظمة البديلة التي لا تخضع للصيانة بالإضافة إلى الوقت المتوقع لفشل النظام ويتم ذلك من خلال الاستفادة من بعض المفاهيم الأساسية لعمليات ماركوف.
1. Introduction
Many researchers works to evaluate the reliability for non - maintained ( series and parallel ) systems like Sandler( 1963) , Bulgrasummy (1977) , Govil (1983) and Srinath (1985).
In this paper an application of the theory of Markov processes to derive the reliability of non – maintained standby systems is discussed. To describe the reliability of a given system it is necessary to specify the equipment failure process , the system diagram which describes how the equipments are connected and the rules of operation , finally the state in which the system is to be defined as failed . The evaluation of the system reliability is presented through illustrative examples and the conclusions is appended at the end .

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