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Using Some Techniques To Increase System Reliability

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 زاهر عبد الهادي حسن الشنون
5/23/2011 8:01:37 PM
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Using Some Techniques To Increase System Reliability
Zahir Abdul Haddi Hassan
University of Babylon, College  of Education , Dept. of Mathematics  
In this research we shall briefly discuss some techniques that can be used for increasing system reliability . A large number of reliability studies have brought out the obvious fact that many failures can be attributed to improper design and over stressing  of components. As such , it would be justifiable to use some of more powerful techniques of analysis only after taking suitable precautions about these simple but often effective matters. 
تناول هذا البحث بعض التقنيات التي تساعد على زيادة وثوقية الأنظمة المختلفة وقد احتوى البحث على طريقتين لزيادة ثقة الأنظمة وهي الإضافة (وتضمنت هذه الطريقة إضافة مركبة و إضافة وحدة) والطريقة الأخرى هي تحديد أهمية ثقة المكونة (المركّبة).
As first approach to improving reliability , we can use superior components and parts with low failure rates .However , we would immediately realize that components of high reliability will require more time and more money for development. They may also be larger in size and weight .generally , the objective is not merely to produce a system with the highest reliability , but to evolve a system which reflects an optimum cost (The cost of improving reliability is not considered in this research).

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