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Reliability Allocation in Parallel – Series Systems

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 زاهر عبد الهادي حسن الشنون
5/23/2011 7:52:50 PM
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Reliability Allocation  in Parallel – Series Systems
In this  paper we evaluate the reliability allocation in parallel - series systems by using reduction to series element method which it helping to reduced these systems and complex systems to series systems easier computing .
 في هذا البحث تم دراسة مشكلة تخصيص الثقة للأنظمة " المتوازية – المتسلسلة " وقد تم استخدام طريقة اختزال العناصر وهي إحدى الطرق المستخدمة لحساب الثقة للأنظمة المعقدة وذلك بتحويل النظام المعقد إلى نظام متسلسل فقط  لتساعد في حساب مشكلة تخصيص الثقة لهذا نوع من الأنظمة.
Many researchers works to compute the reliability allocation in series, and complex systems like Srinath (1985) , Subrie (1996) and Hassan (2006).
The reliability factor of a system is known or is specified on the basis of the overall mission requirements. If the system comprises many elements and units, we must have method to determine the reliability factor for each of them . So that when they are assembled to form a system . The system reliability will have the desired value.
The purpose of reliability allocation is to establish a goal or objective for the reliability of each component so that the manufacturers can have an idea of the performance required of this product.

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