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Reliability Methods for Solving Complex Systems

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 زاهر عبد الهادي حسن الشنون
5/23/2011 7:33:17 PM
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Reliability Methods for Solving Complex Systems
Dr.Abdul-Ameer AL-Ali                           Zahir Abdul – Haddi Hassan
Dept. Of Math. College of Education , Babylon university
Abstract :
In this paper some approximation techniques were used to find the reliability of complex systems such as the Min.cut , path tracing and reduction to the system  to series elements, then some comparisons have been made.
several authors are interested in studying the various method to find the reliability of complex system such as path set method , matrices method , for example Govil [ 1983] , Srinath [ 1985], Abdul Ameer [ 1998].
2.Some Definition and Concepts
2.1 Complex System: is a collection of devices or subsystem interconnected to fulfill complex operation .
2.2 The reliability of a system : it is probability that the system will adequately performed its intended function under started environmental for a specified interval of a time.
3.Solving methods:-

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