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Calculations of Longitudinal form Factors of p-shell Nuclei, using Enlarged Model Space Including Core-Polarization Effects with realistic two-body effective Interaction
 The longitudinal form factors for electron scattering have been calculated for p-shell nuclei using enlarge model space includes all orbits in 1p and 2s-1d shells. The two body Cohen-Kurath interaction is used for the p-shell orbits while Preadam-Wildenthal for the sd-shell orbits. The two Milliner-Kurath interactions are used for the psd orbits. The two- body Kuo-normalized G-matrix between the p-shell orbits and the sd-shell orbits are adopted. Core- polarization effects are taken into consideration through excitation through excitation of nucleons from the 1s core orbits and also from the valance 1p and 2s-1d orbits into higher shells, with 6hw excitations. The two-body Michigan three Yakawa (M3Y) interactions is used for the core-Polarization matrix elements. Core –Polarization effects improve the agreement with the experimental data remarkably well and play an essential role for electromagnetic transitions and electron scattering form factors.  

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  • electron scattering, form factors, p-shell, realistic interaction