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Effect of Desferal Drug and Green Tea on the Levels

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 اميرة محمد علي جاسم حمادي
6/27/2011 5:30:29 PM
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Effect of Desferal Drug and Green Tea on the Levelsof Lipid Prophile in Sera of Rabbits Induced DiabetesMellitus by Iron Overload
Oda M. Al- Zamely, Amira M.A. Jasim and *Mufeed J. Ewadh
Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq*Formally Department of Clinical Biochemistry ,College of Medicine,University of Babylon, Babylon, IraqE-mail:   mewadh@
International Journal of Biotechnology and BiochemistryISSN 0973-2691 Volume 6 Number 6 (2010) pp. 969–982© Research India Publications
Iron is an essential nutrient and when it is present in excess, iron’s toxicity is largely on it is ability to catalyze the generation of radicals which attack and damage cellular macromolecules.
The present study is an attempt to confirm that hyperproteinemia, diabetes, and iron overload are members of oxidative stress, which may able us to compare the treatment between green tea and desferal drug in sera of rabbits induced with diabetes mellitus.
Fourteen male rabbits divided into two groups, one as control diet (n=5), the other (n=9) with control diet in addition to ferrosam. While the treatment of 2nd group after three months of experimental conditions done by green tea to one subgroup (n=5) and the other subgroup (n=4) with desferal.
The results revealed that treatment with green tea can prevent the effect of iron overload on the antioxidant levels and other biological parameters at the same action of desferal.
Key words: Desferal, Green Tea, Lipid Profile, Diabetes Mellitus, Iron Overload, Antioxidant.

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