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An evaluation study of cellular immunological functions in anergic tuberculous patients

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 محمد عبد كاظم حسن المزيداوي
6/21/2011 2:10:38 PM
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An evaluation study of  cellular immunological functions in anergic tuberculous patients
Mohammed A.K.Al-Sa adi 
Babylon University,College of Medicine 
Ibrahim M.S.Shnawa 
Babylon University,College of Science 
Salih Al-Mukhtar 
TB Center - Babylon 
Medical Journal of Babylon-2007 volume 4 No 3-4   

 The present work aimed to evaluate the cellular immunological functions in TB patients among anergic tuberculous patients (AN),allergic  tuberculous  patients(AL),and controls  (C).this  was  carried  out  on  125  tuberculous  patients admitted to the TB center in Babylon Province during the period January/2003 to may /2004,and 23 apparently healthy controls. Tuberculin skin test was used to judge the immunoresponsiveness of tuberculous patients. The NBT,E-rosette ,and LIF assays were used as parameters to evaluate the cellular immunological functions. The results showed marked decreasing in these functions in AN (4%,14%,57.14%)respectively in comparison to that of AL(7%,21%,37%) and C(11%,25%,88%). Thus these parameters may aid to used as a diagnostic as well as immunologiocal tools among the tuberculous patients.
  Tuberculosis  had  been  defined  as the  causative  agent  of  tuberculosis (TB) in 1882 by Robert Koch (1 ) . Approximately about one n third of the worlds population is infected with M. tuberculosis and it  is  responsible  for  8  n  12  million  cases  of active  TB  each  year  and  3  million  deaths  (2,3,4,5 ) . The diagnosis of pulmonary TB is based  on  clinical  symptoms  ,  chest  X-  ray microscopic examination  and sputum smear ,  cultivation  of  clinical  specimen (  mainly sputum  ) and  immunological  test  (6  )  .  M. tuberculosis  induces  cell  n  mediated immunity  which  is  expressed  by  tuberculin skin test (7 ) . When the immune system of tuberculosis  patients  fail  to  respond  to  M. tuberculosis , those patients are considered as anergic  patients   (  8,9,10)  .TB  n  associated anergy  increases  the  severity  of  disease  ,  as well  as  makes  several  diagnostic  and  the theuraptic  problems ( 11, 12 ) . This work aimed to point out a test n battery of choice for evaluation   of  cellular  immune  functions  in anergic  tuberculosis patients compared to that of allergic tuberculosis patients and apparently healthy controls.  

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