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Reticuloendothelial clearance of Klebsiella pneumoniae

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 محمد عبد كاظم حسن المزيداوي
6/12/2011 5:40:38 PM
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Reticuloendothelial Clearance of  Klebsiella pneumoniae   

Alaa J.Hassan          Mohammed A.K Al-Saadi *    Department of Biology. College of Science, Babylon University * Department of Microbiology. College of Medicine ,Babylon University ,    

     M J B    2(2)2005:166-168



A lapin adult and baby experimental model were elected to assess the bacterial RES clearance . Theclearance  indicator  was  Klebsiella  pneumoniae  (5  * 109   (viable  cell/ml)  /  Kg),the  inoculation  route was intravenous (IV) , the clearance time was one hour post an IV injection and the judjment criteria for clearance ability were the remaining viable count of K. pneumoniae in tissue homogenate cultures . The highest clearing effeciency was that of blood followed by liver, lung and then spleen in babies, while the highest was blood , lungs , spleen , followed by liver in adults . The mean whole adult clearing efficiency was higher than in baby ,comparing  K. pneumoniae clearance to E. coli clearance indicates a lapin E.coli enhanced clearance than K. pneumoniae clearance.

Ageing  chronic  infection  and  /  or cardiomyopathies  did  affect  immune impairment  in  cellular  immune  functions and bacteriolytic complement activity [1,2]Ageing  does  affect  the  gut  mucosal immunology [3] . E.coli RES clearance in rabbit model have been reported to be an age  related  mechanism  [4].  It  has  been proved    that  E.coli   RES  clearance  in collard dove is an age related processes[ 5] .In  the  present  work  ,  the  changes  in  , pathogen nature , virulence factor , and host age in rabbits are being examined . 

Materials and Methods

A nine month old adult rabbits O. annulu with (1-1.5kg) body weight and one monthold babies with (350 gm) body weight werthe test animals .Test rabbits received (5 *109  cell/ml) K. pneumonia via intravenou injection  for  each  (kg)  body  weight ontrol  rabbits  received  saline  via  IVinjection  under  the  same  experimenta conditions[6] .

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