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Use of alhagi roots extract as new alternative source of nutrition

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 علاء جعفر محراث الشياش
25/04/2019 18:57:31
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Background: It s well known that worldwide popular explosion especially in the
Arab World and deficiency in sources of nutrition especially in difficult conditions
like natural disaster and wars. To overcome this problem we must find an alternative
sources of nutrition that deals with it in this study.
Objective: This application a trial to prove alternative nutrition for human in difficult
conditions especially in natural disaster and wars.
Material and Methods: This study included many stages:
First stage: water extraction of Alhagi roots plant and calculate their concentration.
Second stage: determination the composition extract qualitatively like carbohydrate,
protein, fats, minerals and vitamins by biochemical methods.
Third stage: Applied a specific dose extract to animal lab rodent (rats) though out
three groups (thirty rats were divided in to three groups, ten rats for each group. 1st
group (G1) feeds with extract only, 2nd group (G2) feeds with extract and ordinary
rats food and 3rd group control group (G3) feeds with ordinary rats food only. All
rats feeds for six weeks, and studies the psychological behaviors like general
appearance, sensor-motor behavior immobility and its reflexes, locomotion, skilled
movement, and species-specific behaviors.
Fourth stage: hematological tests, random blood sugar, lipid profile, renal function
test, liver function test and estimation of serum electrolytes.
Fifth stage: histopathology tests for kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach and
Results: we monitoring the amount of this extract that drinking by rats and found the
rats in both groups (G1,G2) satisfied this drinking and drink as increasing manners
each week, weighting the rats weekly and found there are no significant differences
in the mean weights of rats among all groups and all rats were increase its weights
progressively each week. All the physiological, biochemical, hematological and
histological results showed within normal values with no any significant changes
between controls and study groups.
Conclusion: we can use water extraction of Alhagi roots plant as supplement and
complement alternative food supply without any toxic effect.
Key words : Nutrition , Alternative foods , Alhagi.

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