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Fast Qualitative Test of Alcohol Content in the Blood

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 علاء جعفر محراث الشياش
19/12/2018 08:44:20
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This application uses a simple, cheap, and effective technique to measure the person blood alcohol content (PBAC) by following the breathing of alcohol screening test for the human via oxidation-reduction reaction tube (ORRT). The main principle of this test is based on a colored test according to the reaction of potassium dichromate with acidic media impregnated with silica gel (SiO2) in a tube with alcohol vapor in personal breathing. The color changed from red-orange to green along of breathing tube. Therefore the concentration of alcohol content depends on the length of green color in the ORRT .when the concentration of alcohol high, the long distance in ORR tube observed and vice versa. From this technique, we can avoid a lot of accidents during or before driving.

Keywords: alcohol, Column test, qualitative analysis,

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  • column chromatograthy , Alcohol abuse, Oxidation Reduction