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On The Fuzzy Metric Spaces

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 عبد الحميد قحطان الطائي
10/03/2019 08:02:35
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In this paper, we define the fuzzy metric space in many different ways, using some concepts of the fuzzy families, the fuzzy field, the fuzzy space, and others. Taking advantage of that we can replace every real number by fuzzy number (triangular fuzzy number or singleton fuzzy set).
In1965, Zadeh [10] introduced the concepts of fuzzy sets. In 1975, Kramosil and Michalek [8] introduced the concept of fuzzy metric space using continuous t-norms. This concept have opened an avenue for further development of analysis in such spaces, which have very important applications in
quantum physics, particularly in connections with both string and ? theory which were studied by
EI Naschie [6]. George and Veeramani [2, 3] modified the concept of fuzzy metric space introduced by Kramosil and Michalek by using continuous t-norms too

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