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Reducing Kaolin Shrinkage by Using Kaolin Grog

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 قتيبة حسين محمد المرزوكي
10/16/2011 7:30:11 AM
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    In this work, the suitability of using local Kaolin and Kaolin Grog to reduce shrinkage in clay product like firebrick was experimentally investigated and the optimal ratio of Kaolin grog constituent determined. Ten samples of different compositions were fired at a temperature of 1200?C. Three of the samples (samples 8, 9, and 10) crumbled during firing. The surviving samples gave the following limits of results:- Total shrinkage: 28%- 9.8%; apparent porosity: 63.6% - 77.13%; water absorption: 47.83% - 60.2%; bulk density: 1.329g/cm3 - 1.281g/cm3; apparent density: 5.60g/cm3 – 3.65g/cm3; and compressive strength: 61.5MPa – 52.11MPa. The results showed that the first seven samples had good shrinkage and compressive strength. Mixing ratio of 35:100 (representing weight in grams of water and Kaolin respectively) which represent the critical water content.

Keywords:-Kaolin clay, grog, total shrinkage, compressive strength, physical tests.

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