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The Correlation Between Some Structural Properties of NR with Weight Percentage of Carbon Black(N330) and Graphit (Gr)

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 قتيبة حسين محمد المرزوكي
10/16/2011 7:26:43 AM
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Graphite (Gr) and carbon black (N330) are separately added to nature rubber (NR) with weight percentage (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50%) in order to reinforce it and study the hardness, Young modulus (E), tensile strength (?), elongation, resilience and the rate of strain energy release (G) of the yielding samples. Our results were the N330 is better than Gr, the hardness increases for both, resilience decreases for both, all the other properties were found to vibrate for Gr, but N330 has increasing in E, a limit increasing in ?, decreasing in elongation and  a limited approximately steady amount  of G.  

I.           Introduction
From one side high efforts are needed to be done to get novel materials with improvements in the characteristics [ Sibona et al. 2003 ], from the other side the study of mechanical properties helps to relies the behavior of matter [ Wang et al. 2006] and its structure [Ledbetter et al. 1996] especially under external effects. Diamond and graphite were the only known allotrope of carbon for many decades [King 2000] then the other allotropes such as fullerenes had been discovered  [Tikhomirova and Babushkin 2003] used with many other materials such as titanium oxides, silicon nitride etc. as fillers [Simonot et al. 2002 and Simonot et al. 2002]. The mineral graphite [Delhaes 2001] had two form ?-graphite ( hexagonal ) which is the stable form of carbon allotropes under ordinary circumstances [Yao et al. 1998] and ?-graphite ( rhombohedral ) [ Pierson 1993] which is the metastable form [Mujica et al. 2003], the bonds of graphite are the strong sp2 bonds between the atoms in the same layer [ Horiuchi et al. 1998] and Van der Waals  between the layers [ Ooi et al. 2006] with a/c = 0.3731 [Tran et al. 2006],good conductivity [Gellings and Bouwmeester 1997 ], super lubricity aspects [Pierson 1993] strength of (270-1050 ksi), good tensile strength and stiffness [EPRI 2000]  . The carbon black is an amorphous form of carbon which has high surface area to volume ratio and significantly less PAH content, it is used as pigment and reinforcement in rubber and 

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