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Influence of Carbon Allotropes on Some Physical Properties of Natural Rubber (NR)

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 قتيبة حسين محمد المرزوكي
10/16/2011 7:18:33 AM
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  Three different carbon allotropes (Black carbon (N330), Graphite(Gr) and Active carbon (AC)) with different weight percent (10, 20, 30, 40 &50)% for each type had been used with natural rubber (cis 1-4 –isoprene) in this research as reinforcing particles and studying its Influence on rubber properties (Resilience, hardness, moony viscosity, tensile strength and elongation). The results show that using (AC) with rubber the recipe of rubber separate to small spheres during primary mastication process and the vulcanization process fails, the reason behind this behavior backs to the strong ability for active carbon surface to adsorb the chains of rubber and  spheroid around carbon particles so as adsorbing sulfur (vulcanization agent), only at the ratios (10,20)% vulcanization process take place and the properties of produced rubber was bad. While when using (N330) the properties (hardness, viscosity and tensile strength) was higher than rubber reinforced by graphite, while rebound resilience and elongation for rubber reinforced by graphite was higher than rubber reinforced by (N330).  
1- Introduction:
The reinforcement of elastomers by particulate ?llers has been extensively studied in the past, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s. The ?rst reason is naturally the drastic changes in  mechanical properties that induces ?llers reinforcement, many of the usual applications of elastomers could not be envisaged without the use of particulate ?llers.[J. E. Mark et al, 2005]
   For plastics, reinforcement results are an increase in modulus and hardness. The effect of particulate ?llers is quite clear, they replace a part of the matrix: so modulus becomes higher, but deformation at break decreases in the same time.

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