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Effect of Cell Shape on Flexural Strength of Honey Comb Structure (Experimental and Numerical Study)

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 احمد فاضل حمزة الجبوري
07/06/2020 20:17:45
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This study is concerned with the on the preparation and flexural testing of honeycomb configuration and study effect of cell shape on flexural strength of honeycomb structure. Honeycomb sandwiches construction that has a composite matter particular state, which made via attach two skinny, although rigid skins toward a lightweight excluding broad cores. Low density, high thickness, and high bonding stiffness properties of the materials that is used to make the core. In this study, four different core shapes were used in the fabrication of the sandwiches construction with constant volume of sandwich composite structure in each case; these are hexagonal, rectangular, triangular and circular. The material of the each face sheet is consisting from epoxy reinforced by two layers of glass fibers and the core stiffener material consists from epoxy material. The honeycombs strength investigated by using test of bending with three points according to the ASTM C 393 standards. The highest load result is achieved of honeycombs core that shape is square is equal to (7.5 KN) and less deformation (3.1 mm) from the other core shapes. Ansys workbench (static structural) utilized to analyze the design of honeycomb sandwiches panel composite which results illustrate agreements amid the experimental and numerical consequences.

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  • Honeycomb sandwich structure, composite material, Three- point bending test, ASTM C 393, Ansys.