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Synthesis of Gamma Alumina for Catalyst Support Using Yeast Cell as Pore Forming Agent using Regression Model

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 محسن عباس اسود الزهيري
19/02/2020 17:04:32
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The porous gamma alumina, ?-Al2O3 have a wide range of many applications for example, the catalyst carrier. The powder of alumina was prepared from recrystallization of alum and the effect of yeast cell addition as pore forming agent was studied to form porous ?-alumina. The weight percentage of yeast cell added to prepare of porous gamma alumina are (5%, 10%, 15% and 20%) and the gel casting method was used for preparation of porous gamma alumina. The result showed that the Gel-casting method by using yeast cell as pore forming agent is one of the successful method to obtain porous ?-alumina that used as catalyst carrier because the improvement of the amount of porosity with high compressive strength and increase the pore volume and high surface area. The apparent porosity obtained was in the range 12.51–82.25 % with compressive strength range from 44.22–7.89 MPa. The porosity increased and decreasing in compressive strength with increasing the percentage ratio of the yeast cell. This result was confirmed by using a regression analysis, R-Sq was (82.29%), and R-adj was (77.86%). The R-Sq (94.06%), R-adj (92.58%) according to the regression analysis.

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