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Preparation and Investigation of Corrosion and Biocompatibility Properties for Functionally Graded Materials (NiTi)

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 نبأ ستار راضي الخفاجي
28/03/2018 17:14:04
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Functionally graded material (FGM) is new generations of composite materials where the properties are changed
linearly according to the change in composition. This work presents the design, fabrication and characterization of multi
NiTi shape memory alloys incorporated into single functionally graded materials. This design assumed to improve the
general properties of NiTi shape memory alloys, especially the transformation temperature range. These materials are
designed to have gradual microstructural or compositional variations within the body in one piece or single material.
The powder metallurgy approach has been used extensively in preparing of NiTi alloys as well as the two models of
functionally graded materials. The effect of layers composition, sintering time and temperatures was studied on the;
microstructure as well as the developmental phases. Corrosion rate and characteristics as well as the toxicity of sintered
materials are investigated also. Corrosion test results show that the current of corrosion (Icorr.) for SMA-FGM samples are
less than that obtained at each layer (i.e., 19.02, 15.32 ?A/cm2 for SMA-FGM1 SMA-FGM2) respectively, and Nickel ions
percentage in Ringer solution after corrosion test show SMA-FGM1 SMA-FGM2 samples less than each layer.

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  • Functionally graded material; Shape memory alloys; NiTi; Corrosion rate; Toxicity