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Women knowledge about the use of family planning

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 سلمى كاظم جهاد الابراهيمي
6/27/2011 7:52:52 AM
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Women knowledge about the use of family planning Rabia a Al- Yasseri/lecturer Salma Al- Ibrahemi //lecturer Intesar Hassan //lecturer
A field study aimed to identify women knowledge about the use of family planning devices, in order to give her an opportunity for proper choice. The sample consisted of (120) women, using family planning devices, visiting the health centers in Shikh-Omar and Al-Alwiya Maternity hospital; using questionnaire interview format, during the period from 1st March 1998 to 20th April 1998 collected the data. The data analyzed through frequency and percentage. The main results of the study were the following: The highest percentage (70%) of woman who participated in the study using tablets. (32.5%) using IUD, (2.5%) using condom. The (32.5%) majority of users were between (30-34) years of age. (55%) were primary school graduate. The highest percentage (85%) using contraceptives to stop conceiving, (77.5%) for economic factors, while the lowest percentage (17.5%) to consume breast feeding. The majority (85.7%) of woman stated that the hormonal contraceptive very active to prevent conception, while (75%) stated that it causes headache. The study recommended the necessity of giving comprehensive idea to woman visiting family planning centers about family planning devices, in addition to the role of mass media to increase woman knowledge and to assist family health.

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