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Decision Support System Framework for Procurement Decisions in University of Babylon

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 رحمن ناهي عبد زيارة العميري
12/01/2019 17:11:49
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Abstract — The gap between social activities and technology is widening particularly with the advent of new and innovative methods of computing within a complex socio-technical divide. This gap has been partly attributed to the technical limitations arising from the complexity of the environment where these decision supports are needed. Procurement decisions are faced with several challenges such as selecting the right mix of product, price and method to procure it. However, how to marry this divide between decision support theory and the people this theory or technology actually support in practice has been the major challenge. In order to bridge this socio-technical divide, we have proposed the use of AHP technique to develop a framework for procurement decisions using University of Babylon, Iraq as a case study. The proposed decision support framework will attempt to address issued regarding information fusion by automatically integrating multiple information sources to enhance the decision making process through empirical and theoretical findings, the interdependencies that characterize the relationships between information fusion, and management decision making. A pre-implementation study was carried out in order to ascertain the usefulness of this framework in promoting user-centered decisions by explaining the various influences of different decision making on information systems and procurement processes in the University of Babylon, Iraq. The major contribution of this study would be to aid both practitioners and researchers in the decision making processes regarding procurement decisions such as Decision Support for Production Planning, Policy Making, ERP, Commerce and Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing systems.

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  • Keywords – decision support systems; decision making; framework; procurement; information; university of Babylon