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بحث تخرج A Study of risk factors among patients with appendicitis in Hilla teaching hospital

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 ميس هادي جبر
07/01/2019 18:57:47
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Acute appendicitis is one of the commonest surgical emergencies.

To find out the link of patient’s age and the occurrence appendicitis, to find out which gender has more appendicitis occurrence .

Our study is a retrospective study .uses patient in our study. The total number of samples collected from hospital was 50 patients which subjected to appendicitis.

The teenager age group (15-25 years old) has the highest incidence of Acute Appendicitis with 36 %. After 25 years, the incidence of occurrence reduces in proportion with increase of age. The association between gender and occurrence of Acute Appendicitis is considered to be not statistically significant.

Acute Appendicitis is more common in those aged 15-25 years old.

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