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بحث تخرج Study of Viral diarrhea in children in Babylon province

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 ميس هادي جبر
07/01/2019 18:37:38
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In the present study of the diarrhea the common age of patient was (6-10)month (50%) ,found the percentage of male with diarrhea (56%) while percentage female was (44%), the result show that patient without bloody diarrhea was (100%) the object of study To identify the viruses causes diarrhea and To identify treatment and control measures and To identify relationship between the demographic data and viruses causes diarrhea.

Stools of decreased consistency and increased volume due to imbalance of secretion and absorption of water and salts in the intestine

Types of Diarrhea in Developing Countries
? Noninfectious (infrequent), e.g., congenital, inflammatory bowel disease
? Infectious (predominant), e.g., bacterial, viral, parasitic

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