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Reflections on Quality Clinical Teaching and Evaluation Through the Input of Nursing Students at the University of Babylon in Ir

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 امين عجيل ياسر الياسري
16/05/2017 11:04:56
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The researchers had conducted this descriptive study aimed at given the nursing students at university of Babylon chance to reflect on their opinions of clinical teaching and evaluation. The study consisted of (136) third and fourth year nursing students from college of nursing/University of Babylon. Data were gathered by using questionnaire form which consisted of four items (21 statements). All items were rated on 3 Point Likert Scale whereas (Always, Sometimes and Never). Data analysis was done through the application of simple descriptive statistical methods such as frequencies and percentages to assess the results of the study. The results of the study indicated that some of the teaching skills of the clinical teacher components are at accepted levels, other like quality of bedside teaching (integrating theory to practice) needs more efforts on the part of the teacher. Also, results showed the responses for the statement clinical teacher provided chances to practice skills (37%) and responses to statement encouraged students to actively participate in the discussions (37%) needs to be looked into future. As well as results showed that the opportunities for practicing nursing skills, (46%) seems to show that less than half of the students are able to achieve these opportunities. The study concluded that the learning environment created by the teacher and his/her characteristics can and does have a profound effect on learning and the challenge for nurse education is to provide learning experience that facilitates the so called knowledge doer. Finally, the study recommended the necessity for improving the quality of the theoretical knowledge and bedside teaching in the clinical area and emphasized on provision for more chances to practice skills.

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