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Assessment of Satisfaction Chronic Hypertension Patient among Primary Health Care Centers in Al-Hillah City

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 امين عجيل ياسر الياسري
05/01/2017 07:31:36
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Background: Chronic hypertension is a common health problem in AL-Hillah. Good
control depends on the quality of care, which should be supervised and monitored
regularly through clinical visit. Objectives: Assessment of satisfaction chronic
hypertension patient among primary health care centers with demographic data and to
determine the relationship between the levels of satisfaction provided between these
characteristics. Methodology: Descriptive study is carried out in Al-Hilla City/
primary health care centers, from February, 2nd 2015 to September, 10th, 2015. A
non-probability (Purposive Sample) of (60) patients, those who visited primary health
care centers. The data were collected through the utilization of the developed
questionnaire after the validity and reliability are estimated, and by means of interview
technique. Reliability of the questionnaire is determined through a pilot study and the
validity through (16) experts. The data analyzed through the use of the descriptive and
inferential statistical analysis procedures. Results: The findings of the present study
indicate that the overall assessment for satisfaction chronic hypertension patients
compliance primary health care centers was good. Conclusions: The study conclude if
that the factors demographic data to satisfaction chronic hypertensive patients.
Recommendations: The study recommended the increase number of primary health
care centers to reduce the momentum on health centers, which suffers from high
population density and concentration to create enough room for the rest of the primary
health care centers. Follow the early diagnosis of disease, hypertensive, according to
WHO standards model, and that early detection and detection of complications of the
disease and that enhance the control of the disease and chronic hypertensive in our

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