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Effect of the Teaching Program Regarding Partograph on Midwives Knowledge at Delivery Room in KarbalaCityHspitals

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 امين عجيل ياسر الياسري
05/01/2017 07:17:21
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Background: Partograph was a first graphic assessment of progress of labour was designed by Friedman It is a cheap instrument designed to provide a constant graphic overview of labour and has been shown to enhance outcomes when used to manage and monitor labour. The purpose of the partograph, also called the partogram, is to help midwives record, interpret, analyze, and use data to make clinical management decisions while labor is in progress. The form (which is an early warning system) provides a graphic overview of the progress of labour and records information about maternal and fetal condition during labour.
Objective: to assess midwives knowledge regarding use of partograph in first stage of labor in delivery room.
Methodology:Quasi experimental design for two groups(study and control) was found to be effective for the present study. In this study the target population was consisted of all midwives working in delivery room in hospitals of a Holy Karbala city. The sampling technique use in this study was non probability convenience method of sampling ; sample were consist of 50 midwives working in delivery room in Karbala hospitals. There were 25 items regarding knowledge of partograph. The data collection were carried out during the period fromFebruary 1st to February28th, 2015.The data analyzed through the use of the descriptive and inferential statistical analysis procedures.
Results: the results of the study reveal that (88%) of midwives have poor knowledge for using partograph in study group and (92%) in control group, 80% of midwives have good knowledge in study group after implementation of teaching program regarding partograph the result revealed that the knowledge of midwives regarding partograph is increased after the intervention these finding shows the group teaching was very effective in improving the knowledge of midwives.Conclusion:The finding concluded that the teaching program was very effective in increasing their knowledge regarding using of partograph.
Recommendation: Enhance the midwives knowledge regarding partograph by frequency application of teaching program, training course and workshop for all midwives specially in delivery room.

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