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A field study was carried out in Ibn Al- Bittar elementary school in Babylon city. It aimed at assessing the effectiveness
of health education provided by community health nursing students to the elementary school students. The total number of
the sample was one hundred and two, which represent (27.8%) of the school students. A questionnaire form composed of
(8) open ended questions was developed for the purpose of this study. Percentages, frequency distribution were applied as
a statistical measures. Some items were rated according to point type rating scale (Yes, No). The results showed that the
highest percentages of the students responses (23.7%) understood the meaning of health and they stated that health
education is important. Results also indicated that (86.3%) of responses were positively reflected to the students families
and they encouraged their children to follow up what they have been taught and they need to know more about it. Relative
to health education barriers, the most significant one given by the study sample (41%) was noise in the class. Thus the
study recommended the following:
? Increasing health education for school students by using different mass media.
? Emphasis should directed toward providing school students necessary information regarding areas which they
like to go in depth more (diseases in general, personal hygiene, dental care, nutrition, safe environment , and
principles of first aid sessions).
? Carrying similar studies on larger sample.

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