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Study of Vibrio Cholerae with its Virulence Factors Isolated from Diarrheal Patients in Babylon Province

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 ندى خزعل كاظم المنصوري
04/01/2017 07:07:20
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Stool specimens were collected from (136) patients with watery diarrhea aged (from 5 months to 80 years) prior administration to antimicrobial agents who were referred to Hilla teaching hospital (Emergency department) during a period from (September to December 2008).
This study found that 44 (32.35%) suspected isolates of Vibrio cholerae 23(52.3%) male and 21 (47.7%) female. All isolates were proven to be Vibrio cholerae in central public health laboratory in Baghdad. Regarding to the serotyping of Vibrio cholerae this study found that all isolates have only Inaba serotype. The virulence factors were detected in all isolates was produce siderophores and colonization factor antigens.

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