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Aim of the Study.The current study was conducted to use the in vivo
model of congenital CMV to examine the humoral immune responses
in vertically infected neonates and infants as well as estimate CMV
DNA viral loud. Methods: Both CMV-specific IgM and IgG were
tested by VIDAS.Viral loud was measured for new born babies for test
group and for adult as control group, the copy number of immediate
early gene was estimated by real time PCR. Samples was taken from
Babylon maternity and paediatric hospital from May. 2012 to Jan.
2013. Result: Study showed that all neonates and infant were CMV
IgG positive while few cases show both CMV specific IgM and IgG
(13%) this because IgM antibodies generally do not cross the placenta during normal
pregnancy, very few cases show just IgM(9%). CMV DNA viral load was measured using
real time PCR, new born babies show higher CMV DNA than Adult patients this result
reflect the important of IgM for viral neutralization. Conclusion: It was very important of
checking and screening women in child bearing age to prevent horizontal congenital
infection. IgG cannot prevent the CMV infection in neonate and infant, CMV IgM was

detected in few newborn babies, CMV Viral loud in newborn babies was higher than in
infected adult can reflect the important of CMV IgM for viral neutralization. Quantitative
PCR can establish for assessment of neonate, infant damage and prognosis of infection and
CMV RT PCR can use as alternative method for CMV detection.
Keywords: congenital, CMV IgM, CMV IgG. CMV, DNA.

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  • congenital, CMV IgM, CMV IgG. CMV, DNA.