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Statistical Analysis for Multiple Non-linear Knock Factors in Internal Combustion Engine

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 أزهر رزاق هادي وتوت
16/12/2016 17:51:42
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Abstract. In this study, we will address the problem of knocking in internal combustion engines,
and some of the factors affecting the knocking, through the study of the power of the effect of each
factor after finding a model representing the relationship between the factors. We found Curve
fitting model from data that has been obtained through the engine test (1.3L Campro, modified to
turbocharger, 4-cylinder, MPI). This model has been evaluated statistically after finding the
parameters that intervened in the construction of that model.

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  • Knocking, Akaike Information Criterion (AIC), Curve fitting Model, Residuals, Goodness of fit.