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The effect of 1540?nm fractional erbium?glass laser in the treatment of androgenic alopecia

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 محمد كاظم طاهر الحطاب
26/09/2019 10:25:06
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Background: Androgenic alopecia is common, chronic dermatologic disorder. A variety
of lasers and light sources appear to be safe and effective in the treatment of
Aims: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of 1540?nm fractional erbium glass laser in
the treatment of AGA.
Patients/Methods: This was an interventional therapeutic study for the treatment
of patients with AGA. The patients received 10 sessions with 1540?nm fractional
erbium glass laser at 2?week intervals. The assessment of the response was done
before and at the end of follow?up period, both objectively (the change in the density
of terminal hair and the diameter of the hair shaft) and subjectively (patient satisfaction).
Any adverse effects were documented during the study.
Results: Forty?seven out of 51 patients completed the study. After 5 months of laser
treatment, the density of hair and hair thickness was significantly increased in both
males and females (P value .001).
Conclusion: The 1540?nm fractional erbium?glass laser seems to be an effective and
safe option for treatment of patients with AGA. The improvement was accomplished
in a short period.

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