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Assessment of Mother s Knowledge Concerning Recurrent Wheezy Chest among Children under Age five years old at AL-Hilla Hospitals/Iraq

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 عدنان حنظل طارش الجبوري
24/09/2019 07:41:40
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A descriptive study was carried out on mothers with recurrent wheezy chest children under age five years old. A Quantitative research,
descriptive design cross sectional study consisting of (250) mothers have children with recurrent wheezy chest were selected throughout the
use of non-probability sampling approach, that include children who were diagnosed with recurrent wheezy chest admission to emergency
and wards in Babylon teaching hospital for maternity and Children and AL-Noor hospital for children. The result show that mothers
knowledge have poor level ( 47.6.0%), As well as self –Efficacy and perceived control the result found poor level (51.2%) and the final
result total scores of all the items (55.2%) with poor level .Educational training programs about asthma should be conducted at hospitals for
mothers, to understand and know how to deal with asthma as a chronic disease in order to overcome challenges of asthma control. Simple
educational pamphlets and posters about asthma should be provided for all mothers in outpatient clinics. Similar studies should be conducted
on a larger sample of children with different age and wide regions.

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