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Background :- In Sickle cell anemia , transfusions improve blood flow by reducing the
proportion of red cells capable of forming sickle hemoglobin polymer .This limit hemolysis and
endothelial damage and repeated blood transfusion leading to iron overload or transfusion
hemosiderosis ,the only way to prevent this is by long-term chelation therapy. Objectives: -
The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of combination therapy in a group of
patients with sickle cell anemia. Patients and method:- The prospective study done on sixty five
patients with the sickle cell anemia , conducted to Al-Najaf and Babylon thalassaemia centers
,classify into two group, those on combined therapy of Deferoxamine-Deferasirox treatment as
second group , while on Deferasirox alone as first group and its aim to asses safety of combined
treatment . Results: - Both regimens proved to have less adverse effect on hepatic or renal
function and platelets count. The degree of reduction of serum ferritin is significantly higher with
combined Deferoxamine-Deferasirox therapy. Conclusion: - combined chelating agents have
significant effect on serum ferritin, with acceptable level of safety

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