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Hallucinations in chronic mental illness ( aclinical study on groups of Iraqi patients)

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 كريم ناصر حسين عبد العيساوي
18/09/2019 06:54:52
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Background : hallucination as a sensory perception with out external stimulation of the relevant sensory organ hallucination in schizophrenia are neither mental image nor true perception. Chronic mental illness is residual symptoms beyond 2 years of initial recognition .
Objectives ( aims) : to study , the frequency of hallucinations of all modalities in sample to compare Schneider s first rank hallucinations with other hallucinatory modalities in same group of patients and to compare the result of present work with result of studies done in other cultures
Methods : this is cohort study that enrolled 300 in patients and out patients in psychiatric unit at al-dawinyia teaching hospital during period between 1 jan 2014 / 1 jan 2017 for each patients clinical inter view was don by the researcher areliable close contact informant the diagnosis was made according to the criteria of DSM - IV – TR appendix A through the use of the national institute of mental health diagnosis inter view schedule ( NIMH- DIS) . exclude 160 patients were complained from negative symptoms of schizophrenia and 51 pationts because complained from formal thought disorder the other 85 patients were complained from hallucination which is 33.6 % from all the sample
Result : the result of this study were compare to others and found to be relatively , comparable . the type of Hallucinations experienced by the patients 72 patients ( 86.15 % ) had auditory type . 30 ( 43. 07 % ) visual , the Schneider s first rank hallucinations were found in 14 patients (21.04%) . the other types of hallucination as tactile , olfactory were rare
conclusion : this study proved that several type of hallucination found to accure in chronic schizophrenia the Schneider s first rank hallucinations and delusion seems to accure less frequently in chronic schizophrenia and probably of little diagonstis significance and visual hallucinations seems to accure in asufficint numbers and are considered relatively specific to the syndrome of schizophrenia

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  • Hallucinations in chronic mental illness ( aclinical study on groups of Iraqi patients)