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The WHO classification of breast cancer into different types failed to predict the prognosis & treatment possibilities, therefore recent research focused on finding new markers of prognosis using gene profile, furthermore, application of immunohistchemistry to detect protein expression have been used to identified immunophentypes of breast carcinoma . This study focused on immunohistochemical expression of bcl2 & bag-1 in breast cancers & their association with different molecular types of breast carcinoma. We analyzed the expression of Bcl2 & Bag 1 in 60 cases of breast cancer , this expression was assessed in relation to different clinicopathological data & molecular types of breast carcinoma cases. The results found that 44 % & 51% of breast cancer cases were positive for Bcl2 & bag1 respectively, and both markers are significantly associated with the molecular subtypes of breast cancer, in conclusion , the association of bcl2 & bag 1 immunohistochemical expression with molecular subtypes of breast cancer is promising factor to the determine the prognosis of patient and reassessed the type of treatment accordingly.
Keywords: breast carcinoma, bcl2, Bag 1, molecular classification, immunohisitochemical expression.

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