How To Write An ABSTRACT

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احسان ضياء جواد البيرماني
29/03/2018 22:02:39

The audience will learn
the structure of the abstract
OType of grammar use in the abstract
ODose the article and conference abstract different?
And at the end, the audience will learn how to write the abstract.

When is it necessary to write abstracts?
Abstracts are usually required for:
Submission of articles to journalsCompletion and submission of theses
Submission of proposals for conference papers
Application for research grants

Why write an abstract?
Abstracts are important for both selection and indexing
Selection: Abstracts allow readers who may be interested in the paper to quickly decide whether it is relevant to their purposes and whether they need to read the whole paper.
Indexing: Most academic journal databases accessed through the library enable you to search abstracts. This allows for quick retrieval by users.
Abstracts must incorporate the key terms that a potential researcher would use to search.

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