The Impact of Inflammatory Cytokines on The Outcome of Cerebro-Vascular Accident

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وسام احمد حمزة
28/12/2018 18:37:17

Title: The Impact of Inflammatory Cytokines on The Outcome of Cerebro-Vascular Accident.
Hussam Al-Humadi, Rafal Al-Saigh, Masoumeh Naeem, Maryam Hussein, Huda Hussein
Background: Cerebrovascular stroke (CVS) is a common cause of death and disability. We intended in this study to evaluate the role of serum inflammatory cytokines in predicting the severity of CVS.
Methods: This retrospective study was conducted with 50 patients (mean age of 59.5 ± 8.6 years) with CVA compared with control group. Stroke cases were neurologically evaluated and investigated all patients by tests of IL-6, TNF- ?, CD4 and CD8.
Results: normal or slightly increased in the creatinine and blood urea, increased in liver test, all lipid profile is increase except HDL. The increasing in IL-6, TNF-?, CD4 and CD8 levels compared with control group.
Conclusion: Our study has allowed correlating between the clinical variables and immunomodulatory markers (IL-6, TNF-?, CD4 and CD8 levels) with some limitations in diagnosis of stroke that was based only the stage of disease and the progression of it in addition to the existence
The study might help to de?ne the cytokines as critical marker to protect against the progression of stroke and facilitate the development of new immunological means for prevention and therapy of stroke.
Keywords: Stroke, Cytokines, Immunomodulatory markers, IL-6, TNF-?, CD4 and CD8

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