Hair Removal by using Intensity Pulsed Lihgt (IPL) and Electrolysis Methods

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نادية حسين صاحب طاهر
25/02/2019 08:09:07

The aim of this research is to study (30) cases of ladies with age between (20-40) years suffered from severe growing of hairs on their faces and other placed of body. Patients have been classified into two groups, first one includes (20) patients suffered from disorder in hormore prolactin in different scaled, after get the cure, they were exposed to Intensity Pulsed Light( IPL) device of high power light (25-40)?w and wavelength of (640- 1200) nm, for (6 to 8) sessions with period (10 to 15) minutes.
We conclude from the study that the efficiency of (IPL) device in removing black hair only by high rates 100% for first group (A) due it’s direct on melanin pigment and absorbed by, in addition to regulate rate of prolactine hormone , for first (B) a response of IPL was 60% approximately because of disarrangement in hormone level.
Second group inclundes (10) cases was treated by thermal electrolysis device and proved high activity in removing black and white hair but for longer period than IPL without depening upon hormone levels in body.

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